You’ll never look at pee the same way again. According to a study and technology developed by researchers and scientists in Ohio University, in six months time, urine can now be used to fuel cars, electric devices and can also be a source of electricity for homes.

Researchers and scientists discovered that finally, it can be made possible to get cars, and electric devices working up with the use of hydrogen, and started “greening the ride” by creating prototype hydrogen fuel bus, a transportation vehicle to operate using only water.

Hydrogen is one of the most common element found on Earth, but one that is hard to store, transport and expend, however, scientists have developed a machine that will enable to mix oxygen and hydrogen (water) and then use the device they called the “electrolyzer” to release hydrogen to power up cars and electric devices.

Hydrogen is everywhere around us but there should be a way to collect this element, put it in one container and make use of its energy. And scientists are working to develop a way to store hydrogen in a commercial way.

However, the study and development did not stop there.

They found out that the liquid waste, urine, which is chemically composed of water and sodium chloride or salt, contains a good amount of hydrogen, the source of green energy.

Hydrogen found in urine is bonded with nitrogen, and scientists found out that bonding hydrogen with nitrogen makes it easier to store and transport hydrogen and releasing this chemical element from the bond also requires less amount of electricity, compared when hydrogen is bonded with oxygen (water).

Scientists further indicated that using the urine of a single cow can provide enough energy supply to provide hot water for 19 houses. This is what we call “pee power.”

Scientists carry on however, that consumers shouldn’t save their pee just yet.

Scientists’ prototype device that would enable to store and convert pee to energy is still in the labs yet. And they are targeting farms, using animal urines, to develop a livestock farms powered by their own waste.

Pee as source of energy? Hmm, about the smell? I sure won’t complain.

This idea starts to make me think that God made no waste material at all in this world.

Everything can be used up again and again. We just have to use our abilities how.

Having a hard time scheduling your activities for the day? Then get this day planner clock.

Day Planner Clock
If you're a very visual kind of person, you'll never look at clocks the same way again with this clock aka planner. This "Trace of Time" clock has the hour hand smartly incorporated with a whiteboard eraser. And you can pretty well write your activities for the day on the clock surface. Neat? Huh?

Just make sure that you write all you activities pretty small to fit the tiny space of each hours. Funny. This clock literally shows you that once the time passed, well it's totally erased!

A friend of mine created this very interesting video.

Watch this and ask yourself. "What am I doing?"

We're not that big to do immense changes to our planet, but what we can do, small things or even close to being small things to help save the environment. And if all of us contribute our pocket sized concern, it will definitely bring about a huge difference.

Recent reports say swine flu pandemic may not be a real pandemic at all.

For the past few weeks we have been alarmed and perplexed by news alerts about a threat of pandemic on its way to our doorstep . We have been bombarded in the last few weeks with 24 hour news coverage about the swine flu virus and the risk of influenza A Virus pandemic on its way.

As I’m writing this, the WHO (World Health Organization) has raised the Swine Flu Pandemic alert level to 5 out of its 6-Level threat scale. By doing this, WHO has just set PANIC to our hearts and minds.

However, looking back to previous outbreaks or pandemic occurrences in the past, (this is not first time there had been a “swine flu pandemic”) we can be better informed about this swine flu pandemic that is emerging.

Being alarmed about this, I have searched the internet to get more updates. But instead I come across from the mail, a very informative article which has shed light in my panic-stricken mind.

Read the article here: Critical Alert: The Swine Flu Pandemic - Fact or Fiction?

Here’s another eye-opening video. Most scientific researchers think that this video poses an answer to what may be the cause of the swine flu outbreak.

A cute Google Doodle for Samuel Morse.

Cute isn't it?

I really enjoy the creative designs and makes me remember holidays simply by opening my homepage. =)

Check out for more Google Doodles.

Woman Marries Eiffel and More

A woman declares her intense feelings to a tall, dark and erect… object. The Eiffel Tower.


Ex-US Army pilot Erika, now known as Erika La Tour Eiffel (she married the thingie 2 years ago), formally tied the knot with the famous 1,000 ft iron tower located on Champ de Mars near the Seine River in Paris.

We are all astounded by the tower’s magnificent beauty but for her, it was true love at first sight. Erika is one of the few people who call themselves “Objectum Sexuals,” or those who feel emotional desire for particular inanimate things, their intense feelings towards objects varying from a regular home furniture, electrical appliances, to a towering edifice like the Eiffel or Berlin Wall. (Objectum Sexuality or Objektsexualität in German was first coined by a woman named Eija-Riitta Eklöf Berliner-Mauer who married Berlin Wall 29 years ago.) It was a smooth relationship so far. They never had a fight whatsoever.

According to Mrs. Eiffel, her desire for objects didn’t happen overnight. As a former world champion in archery, she confesses that she had an ex-love, and that was her bow she calls Lance. They broke up years ago and she’s now having a hard time shooting arrows because she and Lance never had a formal break up. It was complicated.

To date, there are at least 40 self-confessed Objectum Sexuals and most of them are women. Others think they are crazy but they think they are just following their heart. More than half of these Objectum Sexuals are Europeans and most of them suffer from Asperger Syndrome which is a condition when a person has a difficulty interacting with others and has limited empathy with his or her peers.

According to an interview with psychotherapist from New York named Jerry Brooker: “"It is not that an Asperger person does not long for human relationships; they do, desperately. But someone who falls in love with objects can control that relationship on their own terms. Their objects will not let them down. That is extremely attractive for a person who is otherwise often desperately lonely."

For Erika, Mrs. Berlin Wall and other Objectum Sexuals, they want more control in their relationships and loving and inanimate object is just the perfect commitment. They won’t be rejected and they will be loved no matter what.

Mecaphiles - Strange Love

Moving on, have you guys heard of Mecaphiles? Hmm, I guess you’ve already heard about guys falling in love and making L-O-V-E with their cars right? Not yet? Mechapile is a new coined word (it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page yet.)

You may find it interesting to watch a documentary about this strange love for CARS on YouTube. Two guys confess intense eherm, sexual feelings of desire to their sleek and sexy… car. Nasty enough, you can opt not to watch the videos, some say it’s just for fun, but see for yourself… if you like. =)

My Car is My Lover Part 1

My Car is My Lover Part 2

My Car is My Lover Part 3

(Embedding disabled.)

My Car is My Lover Part 4

My Car is My Lover Part 5

My Car is My Lover Part 6

We may find the idea unsettling, but for these groups of people, who knows, maybe it’s just a reaction for this world where people starts to lose their human touch thus more people are less motivated to trust others. (I guess this is better than locking up your daughter inside your cellar for 24 years… or thrusting sharp knives to other people’s head or eating a fetus. Urgh.

After my post about interesting x-ray images, here's the latest collection of 15 most unbelievable x-ray images.

1. Lance Armstrong “screwed”
This is an x-ray image of Tour de-France champion Lance Armstrong’s collarbone. His bones were severely dislocated orthopedic surgeons had to “screw” him with 12-inch long screws. (March 009)

2. Pierced by a fishing spear
Emerson de Oliveira Abreu encountered a very dreadful experience while diving off the coast of Rio de Janeiro when his brain was strucked with a 6-inch spear. Reports say, he himself owns the spear that pierced him, fired it towards the coral but bounced back striking his skul so deep. He was under the knife for 5 hours before he was surprisingly declared out of danger. Whew. (March 29, 2009).

3. Jabbed in the skull
Michael Hill of Jacksonville Florida was stabbed in the head with a 7-inch knife by an unknown person who appeared infront of his door last 2007. He currently holds the Guiness World Records Title: “Largest Object Removed From Human Skull.”

4. Poor Chinese Girl
X-ray of Luo Cuifen, a 29 year old Chinese girl who was discovered to have 23 sewing needles inside her body. Cuifen was complaining about blood in her urine last 2007 and when doctors did an x-ray on her, found out sewing needles floating and scattered in her body, piercing her kidneys, liver, lungs and other vital organs. There has been a speculation that the needles were inserted when she was still a baby, because some of the needles had already broken off to pieces. She said that her grandparents must have been the ones responsible for this because they were expecting a boy when she was born. This however will never be confirmed because her grandparents are both deceased. OUCH!!! Her feelings must have been hurt knowing this…

5. Afghan Boy Stabbed
X-ray of a 10-year old Afghan boy stabbed deeply in the head as he was trying to protect his father from a customer who had gone berserk. He was saved and operated by the Britain’s Reserve Territorial Army and had survived the chilling incident.

6. Leg of chair inside the eye socket
Atrocious x-ray images of the skull of Shafique el-Fahkri, a 19-year old teenager from Melbourne, Australia. He was rushed to the hospital last Febuary 2007, after he was attacked by another 19-year old teenager in a bar brawl at nightclub in the city. He was strucked with a chair and one of its leg piercing through his head, just below his eyes straight to his neck. It was a metal chair.

The metal was successfully removed from the teens head after a three-hour complex operation.

7. Nail Gun Accident
X-ray of Patrick Lawler, 23 showing a four-inch nail embedded into his head, taken last January 2005. The accident happened 6 days earlier when Lawler had a construction accident where a nailgun backfired and one nail pierced through his mouth. He didn’t notice the nail in his mouth only until he felt an extremely painful toothache accompanied with a blurry vision.

After a visit to the dentist only did he realize what he was keeping inside his head. It was removed after a 4-hour operation leaving him with less than $100,000 hospital bills. Oh no, he had no medical insurance.

8. Toddler with Car keys lodged in his brain
Horrifying x-ray image of Nicholas Holderman when he was 20 months old. He was accidently stabbed with keys in his eye while playing in the living room with his elder brothers. Doctors removed the keys from his eyes, without any damages to the brain. Amazing. Amazing.

9. Terrible nail gun accident
Construction worker, Isidro Mejia, fell from a roof, unfortunately falling on top another co-worker using a nail gun. 6 nails drove into Mejia’s head, penetrating his brain and the base of his skull. He survived the operation.

10. Steel Balls swallowed
8 year old girl from Indiana was rushed to the hospital after she accidentally swallowed steel balls and magnet from her toy set. She had immediate surgery, survived the operation after being hospitalized for 2 weeks.

11. Dog swallows a knife
A Saint Bernard swallowed a 13-inch knife last 2005. He was fine after the operation and the incident only left him with an 8-inch scar.

12. Comb stabbed in the skull
X-ray of Louis Pepe, when he was stabbed by comb in the skull last 2000. He lost his left eye and affected his right eye as well. The comb caused him much damage paralyzing his right arm and leg and his ability to speak. The attacker was sentenced 23 years imprisonment.

13. Risk of having a surgery
A pair of 6-inch surgical scissors was left inside a woman’s abdomen after her operation. Pat Skinner, had an operation last 2004 to remove her colon at a hospital in Sydney, Australia. 18 months after the operation, she suffered excruciating pain in her abdomen. When she had an x-ray, they found a 6.7-inch surgical scissors. Traumatic.

14. Another knife misuse
A 16-year old boy was stabbed in the head by a knife last 2007. An unusual supermarket incident.

15. Korean man with a nail in the skull
A South Korean complained about a very bad headache and doctors discovered a rusty nail resting inside his head. Doctors say that the nail was embedded inside his skull four years earlier. That’s a looong, agonizing headache.

I’m glad I let that off my chest. After my first post about Josef Fritzl incest and sex-slavery to his very own daughter Elizabeth Fritzl, downright anger and grief surfaced on my mind, thinking that there is actually a monstrous man capable of doing this form of evil act and to his own flesh and blood for that matter.

News shows photos of him covering his face with a blue binder to save some dignity if there’s something left, but no cover or any form of concealment would make me forget his face. Who would forget about this man’s despicable eyes, agelong roguish eyebrows, twitched moustache and a displeasing face oozing with evilness and immorality?

He truly is a monster. He doesn’t deserve the air he breaths and he doesn’t even deserve the body he was given. He’s too old to suffer the consequences and though criminal law enforcers and the Austrian court would make him pay for all his malevolence, they would not be able to turn back the years spent and wasted by Elizabeth Fritzl and her children in the cold and dark cellar they were in for 2 decades.

Elizabeth describes her life in 24 years in a few words. Lights out. Rape. Lights on. Mouldy walls. Lights out. Rape in front of children. Lights on. Mouldy Walls. Birth. Lights Out. Rape.

According to Elizabeth’s 11 hour video testimony that was not released in public, she was already being sexually assaulted by his father at age 11. And when she was 18, Josef Fritzl lured Elizabeth to the underground prison by pretending to need Elizabeth’s help in fixing the cellar door. He forced her inside, handcuffed her and the rest is 24 years of undeserved, unjust and utterly unforgivable slavery to his own daughter.

Elizabeth and her children are kept away in a safe place and were given new identities to help them start over and have a new life. They will be masked, given their new names, a new life, but what happened in the past will never be erased and all we could hope is for the unfortunate Elizabeth and her kids to move on, get all the support they could get, enjoy the sun and pray that this would never happen again.

Read news here, here and here.

After being surprised reading the news about the youngest father of Britain, here’s a new scientific finding for those 40+ year old husbands who don’t feel like having a baby yet.

New findings reveal that children who have older dads tend to have lower IQ performance than those children who have younger fathers.

In a research study conducted to 33,000 children with ages ranging from 8 months, 4 years and 7 years old, those children who have fathers aged 50 and above, scored 6 points lower compared to children with fathers in their late 20s and early 30s. This is based on the Stanford Binet Intelligence Scale. Though it has been assumed before that children with older parents tend to have higher or advanced skill set, the scientific study proved otherwise.

The study suggested that this may be because of the age-related genetic mutation of the sperm wherein aside from the high risk possibility of fathering to children with dwarfism, men are also more likely to produce offspring with lower IQ if they have babies later in life.

Aside from this discovery, the test also showed results that children with older mothers tend to have a higher IQ level if paired with younger dads. Hmm. The intelligence test results showed that children of older women scored higher compared to children with teenage moms.

According to the study this is due to the fact that older mothers tend to be more mature and spends time more on their children, and therefore nurtures the child’s mental growth.

However, for very old mothers still planning pregnancy, you can put your plans on halt because they still suggest that the optimal age for fathers and mothers to have a baby is the same.

Researchers from the University of Queensland, Australia stated that the ideal age to for having children is in the 20s and early 30s.

The world was taken aback by this quite surprising news about a 13 year old boy coming out of the public saying he has fathered a child. Alfie Patten, 13 and his partner Chantelle, 15 showed their baby to the world last February 12, 2009 leaving viewers in awe. Seeing Alfie Patten who looks more like an eight year old kid, I was having a hard time seeing a father image in him.

Chantelle gave birth to cute little girl, they named Maisie at a local hospital in Eastbourne. Patten was 12 when he was said to have fathered the baby.

Picture source:

He was even interviewed, and I’ve copy pasted some excerpts on how he answered the interview.

When asked if he loved Chantelle he said: ‘Dunno.

Did you get her a Valentine's card? ‘No!’

Did you know how babies were made before you had sex with Chantelle? ‘Course’.

Do you like changing the baby's nappies? ‘It's OK but getting it back in the clothes is hard - the arms are the worst bit.’

Are you looking forward to getting back to school soon? ‘No, school's dead boring.’

What are your favourite subjects? ‘Dunno. Haven't got any. Not maths.’

What would you like to do when you grow up? ‘Go in the Army, but Mum says she won't let me.’

This may not be the first time that we heard of young fathers or young birth mothers but somehow we can’t help but picture what will come out of this situation after the media buzz is over.

News said that Alfie’s family sold his story for a five figure amount and even some his relatives said that his father is to be blamed about this surprising teenage oddity if I must say.

Seeing some of Alfie’s pictures I was concerned and a little bit distraught. I can say I was deeply troubled on how such a kid got capable of doing this “grown up thing” and made a baby out of it. Should the media be blamed, or should sex education be taught to kids earlier?

I just imagine this kid would now have to think about changing diapers or mixing baby’s formula than play outdoors and spend time with other kids his age. It’s sad to imagine that his childhood memory will be all about having a baby at such an early age with all the papers and reporters taking pictures of his clueless face and that tiny little baby in his arms.

Teenage sex has gotten quite more uncontrollable nowadays and we keep on hearing news of younger teens being forced to parenthood and losing their innocence at a very young age. Somehow adults should take responsibility on how to control this matter.

Read more about Baby faced daddy Alfie Patten, here, here and here.

Red Alert: Men more attracted to women in red

Forget the saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Lady in red gets more points. Wondering what dress to wear on a date? Here's a quick tip on what color to pick! A new psychological study conducted at the University of Rochester found out that men are more physically attracted to a woman if she wears red. The report from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reports that the impact of color red to man's emotion are more positive and they tend to be more attracted and "smitten" to ladies in red.

Previous study showed that wearing red lipstick can prove to be a woman's secret weapon to attract men, but new studies show that wearing red dresses or clothing aside from your luscious red lips can add more attractive points to women.

WHY is red such a potent color, well that would be another topic but the study and various experiments conducted to 100 men show this "scarlet" results. According to study conducted by the American Psychological Association, Men were asked to give grades to pictures of women. Rate the pictures based on good looks, how much they would like to kiss them, their intelligence and how kind they look. They were also asked to provide in details on what type of date they would like to take each woman. Results showed that those women wearing in red scored higher points and are most likely to get an expensive date from men. According to a psychology professor Andrew Elliot, "It is attractive to find something like [ever-present] that the color has an impact on our behavior without our awareness."

And from another study conducted last October 2008, a red shade on surroundings can change how men perceive a woman. The study asked men to see pictures of women and this time, women are not wearing red but selected women are placed on red frames. And these women scored higher and men are more willing to spend twice on a date.

With these results APA added that men are genetically programmed to be attracted to the color of love and passion. Even primates or apes are said to display such behavior.

Well, another reason why men are like monkeys? Oh no, that's just below the buckle. =)

Studies conducted in pigeons in Jaipur City show that Pigeons can be used to measure a city of pollution. According to researchers at the University of Rajasthan, in Northern India, "Heavy metal in the home enter the pigeon's feathers, and remain even after the pigeon feathers are shed." New Delhi's Gobar Times explains that since pigeons usually live in a fixed area, the levels of cadmium, chromium, copper and lead detected in their feathers may be an accurate indicator of local pollution.

Pigeons have a 35 year maximum life span. They more adapt to living on coastal cliffs, buildings in towns and cities. Last 2006, a science project conducted in Northern California used Pigeons to monitor pollution in the Northern California skies. Attached with backpacks containing sensors, GPS and a cellphone they are released to monitor the air composition of a certain location.


This is a news worth sending your boss.

Heart Attack Symptoms

Tired of your job as well as you boss? Are you satisfied with your job? Recent findings show that having a bad boss can cause heart attack. This is the conclusion of a Swedish learning institute in management style and health. According to researchers, the poor treatment of managers can add risk of having heart attack symptoms to its employees. A study was conducted in Stockholm University where 3,000 male workers are asked to fill up a detailed list of questions about their working condition and about their boss. The questionnaire also includes if the employees are well treated by their boss, if their seniors communicate properly or if they provide positive feedbacks. Other questions looked at how much work bosses provided to workers and how well they outlined their goals. The research study discovered that workers who have good bosses have healthier condition and fewer heart problems.

"A manager needs to be sincere and care about his or her employees from an individual standpoint and know what motivates them, and understand what their skills and competencies are," said Dawn Hatterer, principal of the Consulting Authority in Frederick, Md. Managers, she said, also should know what employees "want to be when they grow up. That's what keeps people engaged at work, from a management standpoint."

Researchers said they found an unmistakable trend: The longer workers toiled for feckless bosses, the more likely they were to be ailed with heart disease. That was a greater negative effect than if the employee smoked, didn't get enough exercise, was overweight, or had high cholesterol.

The report is published in newspapers and professional Environmental Medicine. This suggests that companies should re-train bosses to improve the health of workers. A healthy workforce will improve the overall health of the company. Investing in providing leadership skills to senior managers can be a good long-term investment. The researchers said a more supportive and understanding boss will reduce the chance that the progress of workers high blood pressure and stress-related illness. Magnus Larsson, an engineer at a large IT company, agreed to report the findings. He believes in his heart attack last year was due to his boss: "The man is a monster. Working for him is a daily experience for eight years," Larsson said.

Sources: BBC News; Newser; Boston News; OEM