You’ll never look at pee the same way again. According to a study and technology developed by researchers and scientists in Ohio University, in six months time, urine can now be used to fuel cars, electric devices and can also be a source of electricity for homes.

Researchers and scientists discovered that finally, it can be made possible to get cars, and electric devices working up with the use of hydrogen, and started “greening the ride” by creating prototype hydrogen fuel bus, a transportation vehicle to operate using only water.

Hydrogen is one of the most common element found on Earth, but one that is hard to store, transport and expend, however, scientists have developed a machine that will enable to mix oxygen and hydrogen (water) and then use the device they called the “electrolyzer” to release hydrogen to power up cars and electric devices.

Hydrogen is everywhere around us but there should be a way to collect this element, put it in one container and make use of its energy. And scientists are working to develop a way to store hydrogen in a commercial way.

However, the study and development did not stop there.

They found out that the liquid waste, urine, which is chemically composed of water and sodium chloride or salt, contains a good amount of hydrogen, the source of green energy.

Hydrogen found in urine is bonded with nitrogen, and scientists found out that bonding hydrogen with nitrogen makes it easier to store and transport hydrogen and releasing this chemical element from the bond also requires less amount of electricity, compared when hydrogen is bonded with oxygen (water).

Scientists further indicated that using the urine of a single cow can provide enough energy supply to provide hot water for 19 houses. This is what we call “pee power.”

Scientists carry on however, that consumers shouldn’t save their pee just yet.

Scientists’ prototype device that would enable to store and convert pee to energy is still in the labs yet. And they are targeting farms, using animal urines, to develop a livestock farms powered by their own waste.

Pee as source of energy? Hmm, about the smell? I sure won’t complain.

This idea starts to make me think that God made no waste material at all in this world.

Everything can be used up again and again. We just have to use our abilities how.


  1. hector_olympus // August 12, 2009 at 11:01 PM  


    blow out naman ng dollars jan....

  2. sheena.aguda // September 2, 2009 at 11:45 PM  

    Parang napanood ko to sa isang tv show sa channel 2... di ko lam kung Matanglawin... hehehehe :D

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