Red Alert: Men more attracted to women in red

Forget the saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Lady in red gets more points. Wondering what dress to wear on a date? Here's a quick tip on what color to pick! A new psychological study conducted at the University of Rochester found out that men are more physically attracted to a woman if she wears red. The report from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology reports that the impact of color red to man's emotion are more positive and they tend to be more attracted and "smitten" to ladies in red.

Previous study showed that wearing red lipstick can prove to be a woman's secret weapon to attract men, but new studies show that wearing red dresses or clothing aside from your luscious red lips can add more attractive points to women.

WHY is red such a potent color, well that would be another topic but the study and various experiments conducted to 100 men show this "scarlet" results. According to study conducted by the American Psychological Association, Men were asked to give grades to pictures of women. Rate the pictures based on good looks, how much they would like to kiss them, their intelligence and how kind they look. They were also asked to provide in details on what type of date they would like to take each woman. Results showed that those women wearing in red scored higher points and are most likely to get an expensive date from men. According to a psychology professor Andrew Elliot, "It is attractive to find something like [ever-present] that the color has an impact on our behavior without our awareness."

And from another study conducted last October 2008, a red shade on surroundings can change how men perceive a woman. The study asked men to see pictures of women and this time, women are not wearing red but selected women are placed on red frames. And these women scored higher and men are more willing to spend twice on a date.

With these results APA added that men are genetically programmed to be attracted to the color of love and passion. Even primates or apes are said to display such behavior.

Well, another reason why men are like monkeys? Oh no, that's just below the buckle. =)


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