After my post about interesting x-ray images, here's the latest collection of 15 most unbelievable x-ray images.

1. Lance Armstrong “screwed”
This is an x-ray image of Tour de-France champion Lance Armstrong’s collarbone. His bones were severely dislocated orthopedic surgeons had to “screw” him with 12-inch long screws. (March 009)

2. Pierced by a fishing spear
Emerson de Oliveira Abreu encountered a very dreadful experience while diving off the coast of Rio de Janeiro when his brain was strucked with a 6-inch spear. Reports say, he himself owns the spear that pierced him, fired it towards the coral but bounced back striking his skul so deep. He was under the knife for 5 hours before he was surprisingly declared out of danger. Whew. (March 29, 2009).

3. Jabbed in the skull
Michael Hill of Jacksonville Florida was stabbed in the head with a 7-inch knife by an unknown person who appeared infront of his door last 2007. He currently holds the Guiness World Records Title: “Largest Object Removed From Human Skull.”

4. Poor Chinese Girl
X-ray of Luo Cuifen, a 29 year old Chinese girl who was discovered to have 23 sewing needles inside her body. Cuifen was complaining about blood in her urine last 2007 and when doctors did an x-ray on her, found out sewing needles floating and scattered in her body, piercing her kidneys, liver, lungs and other vital organs. There has been a speculation that the needles were inserted when she was still a baby, because some of the needles had already broken off to pieces. She said that her grandparents must have been the ones responsible for this because they were expecting a boy when she was born. This however will never be confirmed because her grandparents are both deceased. OUCH!!! Her feelings must have been hurt knowing this…

5. Afghan Boy Stabbed
X-ray of a 10-year old Afghan boy stabbed deeply in the head as he was trying to protect his father from a customer who had gone berserk. He was saved and operated by the Britain’s Reserve Territorial Army and had survived the chilling incident.

6. Leg of chair inside the eye socket
Atrocious x-ray images of the skull of Shafique el-Fahkri, a 19-year old teenager from Melbourne, Australia. He was rushed to the hospital last Febuary 2007, after he was attacked by another 19-year old teenager in a bar brawl at nightclub in the city. He was strucked with a chair and one of its leg piercing through his head, just below his eyes straight to his neck. It was a metal chair.

The metal was successfully removed from the teens head after a three-hour complex operation.

7. Nail Gun Accident
X-ray of Patrick Lawler, 23 showing a four-inch nail embedded into his head, taken last January 2005. The accident happened 6 days earlier when Lawler had a construction accident where a nailgun backfired and one nail pierced through his mouth. He didn’t notice the nail in his mouth only until he felt an extremely painful toothache accompanied with a blurry vision.

After a visit to the dentist only did he realize what he was keeping inside his head. It was removed after a 4-hour operation leaving him with less than $100,000 hospital bills. Oh no, he had no medical insurance.

8. Toddler with Car keys lodged in his brain
Horrifying x-ray image of Nicholas Holderman when he was 20 months old. He was accidently stabbed with keys in his eye while playing in the living room with his elder brothers. Doctors removed the keys from his eyes, without any damages to the brain. Amazing. Amazing.

9. Terrible nail gun accident
Construction worker, Isidro Mejia, fell from a roof, unfortunately falling on top another co-worker using a nail gun. 6 nails drove into Mejia’s head, penetrating his brain and the base of his skull. He survived the operation.

10. Steel Balls swallowed
8 year old girl from Indiana was rushed to the hospital after she accidentally swallowed steel balls and magnet from her toy set. She had immediate surgery, survived the operation after being hospitalized for 2 weeks.

11. Dog swallows a knife
A Saint Bernard swallowed a 13-inch knife last 2005. He was fine after the operation and the incident only left him with an 8-inch scar.

12. Comb stabbed in the skull
X-ray of Louis Pepe, when he was stabbed by comb in the skull last 2000. He lost his left eye and affected his right eye as well. The comb caused him much damage paralyzing his right arm and leg and his ability to speak. The attacker was sentenced 23 years imprisonment.

13. Risk of having a surgery
A pair of 6-inch surgical scissors was left inside a woman’s abdomen after her operation. Pat Skinner, had an operation last 2004 to remove her colon at a hospital in Sydney, Australia. 18 months after the operation, she suffered excruciating pain in her abdomen. When she had an x-ray, they found a 6.7-inch surgical scissors. Traumatic.

14. Another knife misuse
A 16-year old boy was stabbed in the head by a knife last 2007. An unusual supermarket incident.

15. Korean man with a nail in the skull
A South Korean complained about a very bad headache and doctors discovered a rusty nail resting inside his head. Doctors say that the nail was embedded inside his skull four years earlier. That’s a looong, agonizing headache.


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    Best Blog Ever

  2. Adan // October 20, 2009 at 12:57 PM  

    I like these pictures along with the descriptions.

  3. Michael McAnally // January 22, 2013 at 1:41 AM  

    How do you NOT remember getting shot with a nailgun? I would imagine there would be a certain amount of excruciating pain associated with this kind of event?

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