The Seil Bag - An Exceptional Biker's Bag

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Most bikers carry backpacks containing their pouch or wallets, phone, water and some other things. We see bikers (I only see them bec. I don't ride a bike) carrying small bags on their back while they cross the roads.. but we are in good company to say that turning a biker's bag into something that'll not just carry your things but keep you safe.. well that is pure genius.

What I am most concerned about (coz my BF is one enthusiastic biker) is the safety. Mostly because there are some terrible and lousy drivers out there who doesn't care much about these bikers on the road.. and it is worth mentioning that not all cities have bike lanes.

Lee Myung Su a budding IT fashion product designer from Korea designed a simple but brilliant bag.. the Seil Bag. Lee saw the necessity of a biker's bag to carry stuff while riding a bike and saw the opportunity to turn a simple backpack into something that could save a life.

This remarkable bag has LED installed on the front part with a wireless controller which can be easily controlled by the biker.

Han Rosling attempts to graphically show the history of the world in the past 200 years in this 4 minute video. Interesting presentation of facts demonstrating over 120,000 statistics in 4 minutes. This video is part of the BBC Project: The Joy of Stats.

Image Source: BBC

A 13-year-old Yemeni young lady coming from SAN'A, Yemen has died due to wounds found to her genital area 4 nights following a family fixed matrimony, according to a human rights group.

The concept of marrying very young girls is actually common within Yemen and seems to have drawn the eye of worldwide legal rights organizations wanting to demand the authorities to support ban on child marriage. Legislation that could allow it to become against the law for all those younger than 17 to be able to marry is at critical spot following solid resistance coming from a number of Yemen's most powerful Islamic frontrunners.

The 13-year-old lass from Hajja province, northwest part of the capital of Yemen, passed away on April 2, just only four days after the girl's marriage with a 23-year-old man. A medical statement coming from al-Thawra infirmary stated the young girl suffered a laceration to her genital area as well as excessive hemorrhaging. Respective authorities held up the spouse for questioning.

The Yemeni legal rights group mentioned the young girl ended up being wedded away in an arrangement involving 2 men to wed each other's sisters in order to avoid recompensing costly bride-prices. The human rights group asserted that this is a typical set up in the profoundly poverty-stricken country.

Yemen's riveting impoverishment takes on a part in blocking initiatives to expel this practice, as very poor households end up incapable to say no to high-priced bride-prices.

A lot more than a quarter of this country's females get married before age 15, based on a record this past year from the Social Affairs Ministry. Tribe cultures furthermore plays a part, such as the perception that a younger bride-to-be could be shaped towards becoming a submissive wife, give birth to more children and also be held from enticement.

In the previous month, several of the nation's highest Islamic government bodies announced all those promoting a ban on child marriages as renegades.

A February 2009 legislation established the bare minimum age for marriage at 17, however it had been repealed as well as re-sent to parliament's constitutional committee for evaluation immediately after several members of the congress referred to it as un-Islamic. The committee will be likely to come up with a final verdict for the legislation this month.

Additional blockading the attempt is the government's weak unwillingness to face the clerics along with other traditional tribal authorities, whose backup is crucial.

The matter of Yemen's child brides received popular interest 3 years in the past when an 8-year-old girl bravely resolved to go by herself to a courtroom and called for a judge to break-up her marriage with a man in his 30s. The kid at some point gained a divorce, and legislators started investigating solutions to restrain the practice.

Around September, a 12-year-old Yemeni bride died just after having difficulties for 3 days in birth labor.

Yemen at one time set the age of 15 as being the minimum age intended for marriage, however parliament nullified that legislation during the 1990s, declaring parents must determine when a girl marries.

There are some deeply rooted cultures together with impoverishment that provides insalubrious environment for some of us.

Scientists from the United States discovered that singing can help stroke patients having speech troubles. Medical doctors from 2 medical universities explained that they had positive results with helping stroke patients to sing words and phrases rather than speak them.

The groundbreaking method was tested with success during continuous and monitored sessions for stroke patients who are left struggling to speak after enduring injury to the left part of their brain.

The therapy is termed Music Intonation Therapy (MIT). One of many doctors, Gottfried Schlaug, provided an instance where this theraphy for stroke patients showed a favorable outcome. The doctor recorded a video of an individual who had a stroke and couldn't say the lyrics of a birthday song. The patient can just pronounce the albhabets N and O. As soon as Dr. Schlaug requested him to sing the birthday song, the phrases "happy birthday to you" came out easily. Schlaug explained: "This patient utters meaningless sounds when we ask him to say the words but as soon as we asked him to sing, he was able to speak the words."

It Is Not a Coincidence
Whenever parents talk to kids, it is usually in a singsong or melodic manner. That may be no coincidence, experts point out, considering the fact that music along with language tend to be so elaborately associated within the human brain.

Experts are utilizing this essential link concerning song and speech to treat sufferers who have lost their capability to talk. There is proof that music may be used to assist people who have critical brain problems be able to talk again, researchers stated during the yearly conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

The investigation team remains to be unclear on exactly how MIT helps these stroke patients. Dr. Schlaug provides one particular explanation. He said that our brain processes music in a different section from that which handles speech, however there are parts that overlap. "Music-making is a multisensory experience that simultaneously activates several systems in the brain and links and loops them together. It engages many regions of the brain," he explained. Music Intonation Therapy could be a very lengthy treatment. It could carry on for about 16 years and also involves by the hour therapy five days per week. What's promising is actually the advantages of MIT are often irreversible.

Medical practitioners have acknowledged for over a century that stroke patients who are unable to converse will often sing distinctly. The reason being is that the area of the human brain that processes language is actually independent from the part of the brain that deals with music.

This approach originated during the seventies, however it was overlooked, Dr Schlaug told the American Association for the Advancement of Science. 'We took the method another step by taking this therapy and really proving the efficacy of this,' he said.

Resources here, here and here.

With 2009 past behind us, you are definitely on my side that there are some useless gadgets from last year that were not so much a hit (and a not so good idea to start with), and we're hoping that new gadgets this year would be better enough to wow us (at least... if we can't buy).

Here are some gadgets “now showing” for 2010:

1.Amazon Kindle 2 International Version

This e-reader has it's second generation released in 2009, but during that time it was only released in the US, and after releasing an international version (which could work in over 100 countries), the world is now starting to catch up on this e-book reader.


A standalone online radio that allows you to listen to thousands of radio stations without the need to connect using your laptop or PC. Pandora music radio also allows you to customize your music and programming by utilizing dedicated “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” button on the device. You don't have to access your computer or setup a software through your PC or phone to connect and listen. It has its own speaker, a remote, connects online using wi-fi, works pretty well with any audio source and can also be used as an alarm clock.

3.Optimus Tactus Keyboard

Imagine your keyboard – without keys. That's what Optimus Tactus Keyboard is all about. It's a touchscreen flat surface “touchboard” (I can no longer use “keyboard” because now it has none). That allows you to program each individual keys on wherever you like it. The cool thing about this keyboard is after pressing here and there, just wipe up those sweat and smudges and you can turn it to a video screen.

4.Nikon S1000PJ

A not so typical compact digital camera that you can bring during a presentation. This 12.1 megapixel camera has a built-in projector. Point and shoot and just press a little button and it will show you your favorite pics and your latest shoots on any flat surface that's up to 40 inches in size. You can also add some music aside from numerous transitions you could do to make your presentation aplomb. (Nikon S1000pj)

5.Apple Tablet

No official news about its release yet but Apple Tablet (iPad) is now getting a lot of attention online. This sleek and thin device is again a multi-touch screen that would enable a user to get online, browse websites, send emails, flick photos and pretty much everything you do online.. (for Apple it means to point and touch). Although there have been a lot of rumors about how this product would fare, there has been a growing criticism about iPad saying it's an iPhone, only it is oversized.

You’ll never look at pee the same way again. According to a study and technology developed by researchers and scientists in Ohio University, in six months time, urine can now be used to fuel cars, electric devices and can also be a source of electricity for homes.

Researchers and scientists discovered that finally, it can be made possible to get cars, and electric devices working up with the use of hydrogen, and started “greening the ride” by creating prototype hydrogen fuel bus, a transportation vehicle to operate using only water.

Hydrogen is one of the most common element found on Earth, but one that is hard to store, transport and expend, however, scientists have developed a machine that will enable to mix oxygen and hydrogen (water) and then use the device they called the “electrolyzer” to release hydrogen to power up cars and electric devices.

Hydrogen is everywhere around us but there should be a way to collect this element, put it in one container and make use of its energy. And scientists are working to develop a way to store hydrogen in a commercial way.

However, the study and development did not stop there.

They found out that the liquid waste, urine, which is chemically composed of water and sodium chloride or salt, contains a good amount of hydrogen, the source of green energy.

Hydrogen found in urine is bonded with nitrogen, and scientists found out that bonding hydrogen with nitrogen makes it easier to store and transport hydrogen and releasing this chemical element from the bond also requires less amount of electricity, compared when hydrogen is bonded with oxygen (water).

Scientists further indicated that using the urine of a single cow can provide enough energy supply to provide hot water for 19 houses. This is what we call “pee power.”

Scientists carry on however, that consumers shouldn’t save their pee just yet.

Scientists’ prototype device that would enable to store and convert pee to energy is still in the labs yet. And they are targeting farms, using animal urines, to develop a livestock farms powered by their own waste.

Pee as source of energy? Hmm, about the smell? I sure won’t complain.

This idea starts to make me think that God made no waste material at all in this world.

Everything can be used up again and again. We just have to use our abilities how.

Having a hard time scheduling your activities for the day? Then get this day planner clock.

Day Planner Clock
If you're a very visual kind of person, you'll never look at clocks the same way again with this clock aka planner. This "Trace of Time" clock has the hour hand smartly incorporated with a whiteboard eraser. And you can pretty well write your activities for the day on the clock surface. Neat? Huh?

Just make sure that you write all you activities pretty small to fit the tiny space of each hours. Funny. This clock literally shows you that once the time passed, well it's totally erased!

A friend of mine created this very interesting video.

Watch this and ask yourself. "What am I doing?"

We're not that big to do immense changes to our planet, but what we can do, small things or even close to being small things to help save the environment. And if all of us contribute our pocket sized concern, it will definitely bring about a huge difference.

Recent reports say swine flu pandemic may not be a real pandemic at all.

For the past few weeks we have been alarmed and perplexed by news alerts about a threat of pandemic on its way to our doorstep . We have been bombarded in the last few weeks with 24 hour news coverage about the swine flu virus and the risk of influenza A Virus pandemic on its way.

As I’m writing this, the WHO (World Health Organization) has raised the Swine Flu Pandemic alert level to 5 out of its 6-Level threat scale. By doing this, WHO has just set PANIC to our hearts and minds.

However, looking back to previous outbreaks or pandemic occurrences in the past, (this is not first time there had been a “swine flu pandemic”) we can be better informed about this swine flu pandemic that is emerging.

Being alarmed about this, I have searched the internet to get more updates. But instead I come across from the mail, a very informative article which has shed light in my panic-stricken mind.

Read the article here: Critical Alert: The Swine Flu Pandemic - Fact or Fiction?

Here’s another eye-opening video. Most scientific researchers think that this video poses an answer to what may be the cause of the swine flu outbreak.

A cute Google Doodle for Samuel Morse.

Cute isn't it?

I really enjoy the creative designs and makes me remember holidays simply by opening my homepage. =)

Check out for more Google Doodles.