I’m glad I let that off my chest. After my first post about Josef Fritzl incest and sex-slavery to his very own daughter Elizabeth Fritzl, downright anger and grief surfaced on my mind, thinking that there is actually a monstrous man capable of doing this form of evil act and to his own flesh and blood for that matter.

News shows photos of him covering his face with a blue binder to save some dignity if there’s something left, but no cover or any form of concealment would make me forget his face. Who would forget about this man’s despicable eyes, agelong roguish eyebrows, twitched moustache and a displeasing face oozing with evilness and immorality?

He truly is a monster. He doesn’t deserve the air he breaths and he doesn’t even deserve the body he was given. He’s too old to suffer the consequences and though criminal law enforcers and the Austrian court would make him pay for all his malevolence, they would not be able to turn back the years spent and wasted by Elizabeth Fritzl and her children in the cold and dark cellar they were in for 2 decades.

Elizabeth describes her life in 24 years in a few words. Lights out. Rape. Lights on. Mouldy walls. Lights out. Rape in front of children. Lights on. Mouldy Walls. Birth. Lights Out. Rape.

According to Elizabeth’s 11 hour video testimony that was not released in public, she was already being sexually assaulted by his father at age 11. And when she was 18, Josef Fritzl lured Elizabeth to the underground prison by pretending to need Elizabeth’s help in fixing the cellar door. He forced her inside, handcuffed her and the rest is 24 years of undeserved, unjust and utterly unforgivable slavery to his own daughter.

Elizabeth and her children are kept away in a safe place and were given new identities to help them start over and have a new life. They will be masked, given their new names, a new life, but what happened in the past will never be erased and all we could hope is for the unfortunate Elizabeth and her kids to move on, get all the support they could get, enjoy the sun and pray that this would never happen again.

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  1. Nature Concern // March 18, 2009 at 8:00 AM  

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