The Seil Bag - An Exceptional Biker's Bag

Posted by Mye Bautista | 9:51 PM | 0 comments »

Most bikers carry backpacks containing their pouch or wallets, phone, water and some other things. We see bikers (I only see them bec. I don't ride a bike) carrying small bags on their back while they cross the roads.. but we are in good company to say that turning a biker's bag into something that'll not just carry your things but keep you safe.. well that is pure genius.

What I am most concerned about (coz my BF is one enthusiastic biker) is the safety. Mostly because there are some terrible and lousy drivers out there who doesn't care much about these bikers on the road.. and it is worth mentioning that not all cities have bike lanes.

Lee Myung Su a budding IT fashion product designer from Korea designed a simple but brilliant bag.. the Seil Bag. Lee saw the necessity of a biker's bag to carry stuff while riding a bike and saw the opportunity to turn a simple backpack into something that could save a life.

This remarkable bag has LED installed on the front part with a wireless controller which can be easily controlled by the biker.