The world was taken aback by this quite surprising news about a 13 year old boy coming out of the public saying he has fathered a child. Alfie Patten, 13 and his partner Chantelle, 15 showed their baby to the world last February 12, 2009 leaving viewers in awe. Seeing Alfie Patten who looks more like an eight year old kid, I was having a hard time seeing a father image in him.

Chantelle gave birth to cute little girl, they named Maisie at a local hospital in Eastbourne. Patten was 12 when he was said to have fathered the baby.

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He was even interviewed, and I’ve copy pasted some excerpts on how he answered the interview.

When asked if he loved Chantelle he said: ‘Dunno.

Did you get her a Valentine's card? ‘No!’

Did you know how babies were made before you had sex with Chantelle? ‘Course’.

Do you like changing the baby's nappies? ‘It's OK but getting it back in the clothes is hard - the arms are the worst bit.’

Are you looking forward to getting back to school soon? ‘No, school's dead boring.’

What are your favourite subjects? ‘Dunno. Haven't got any. Not maths.’

What would you like to do when you grow up? ‘Go in the Army, but Mum says she won't let me.’

This may not be the first time that we heard of young fathers or young birth mothers but somehow we can’t help but picture what will come out of this situation after the media buzz is over.

News said that Alfie’s family sold his story for a five figure amount and even some his relatives said that his father is to be blamed about this surprising teenage oddity if I must say.

Seeing some of Alfie’s pictures I was concerned and a little bit distraught. I can say I was deeply troubled on how such a kid got capable of doing this “grown up thing” and made a baby out of it. Should the media be blamed, or should sex education be taught to kids earlier?

I just imagine this kid would now have to think about changing diapers or mixing baby’s formula than play outdoors and spend time with other kids his age. It’s sad to imagine that his childhood memory will be all about having a baby at such an early age with all the papers and reporters taking pictures of his clueless face and that tiny little baby in his arms.

Teenage sex has gotten quite more uncontrollable nowadays and we keep on hearing news of younger teens being forced to parenthood and losing their innocence at a very young age. Somehow adults should take responsibility on how to control this matter.

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  1. hector_olympus // February 18, 2009 at 10:43 PM  

    sadly, this child doesn't understand fully well on how it is to live.


    are you looking forward to getting back to school soon? 'No, school's dead boring.'

  2. aabegs // July 18, 2011 at 6:00 AM  

    At least now, He understand that he is not the father of the child and before that, he accepts that he is and loved to care for the child.
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