Chilling confession of a vicious father sets Austria and the whole world in remarkable disbelief.

A 73-year-old father named Josef Fritzl has been arrested after police in Austria found out that he has raped and kept his own daughter imprisoned in their house in 24 years.

It was said that detectives found out about the House of Horror, when Elizabeth’s eldest daughter Kerstin fell unconscious and was brought to the hospital by her grandfather/father. Kerstin, who also grew locked up in the house basement, secretly carried a SOS letter written by her mother as she went to the hospital.

With media people and police asking so many questions, Fritzl was forced to bring Elisabeth out of the cellar, telling his wife that she had returned home with her two children after a 24-year absence, police said.

The Story

Elizabeth Fritzl, who has never seen daylight in 24 years and had been missing since August 29, 1984, told the police that she was held captive in a windowless cellar by her father and was raped repeatedly for 24 years resulting to seven children.

Elizabeth, now aged 42, has six surviving children with three kids who for the day they were born stayed inside a very low, less than five-and-a-half feet cellar and had never seen daylight.

During the 24 years that she stayed in the ghastly basement, Elizabeth said that she had 6 children with him. When she gave birth to their seventh child, the child turned out to be a twin and died shortly after being born. Josef Fritzl burned the twin’s bodies and threw them.

Among the six children, only 3 lived a normal life after Josef Fritzl plotted out to leave the babies in their doorstep and made his wife believed that the babies were from Elizabeth. Her mother, Josef Fritzl’s wife and grandmother of the six children was unaware of all this since she said there was a letter from Elizabeth saying she went away and asking not to look for her anymore.

Supported with “forced written letters” by Elizabeth stating that she can’t take care of her babies and begging her parents to take care of them, the 3 children were taken by Rosemarie and Josef and grew up as normal kids.

As for the other 3 kids that stayed with Elizabeth in the basement, these poor kids were kept underneath the family’s basement the whole time. These three children are Kerstin which is now 19 years old; Stefan, 18 and Felix, 5.

Elizabeth and the 3 children are now being treated by a team of psychologists. Elizabeth was described to be “very disturbed” and was having trouble stating her ordeal to the police. She was only 18 when her father kept her locked up inside their basement.

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The main question reverberating from the small Austrian town: How could a man keep his daughter locked in his basement for 24 years, where she gave birth to seven of his children while her mother and three of those children lived upstairs without an inkling of the horrors in the cellar?