Spencer Tunick. I saw his photography a year ago and I just can't help but admire his work. I admired it so much i tried to use a magnifying glass to look at each pictures closely.*yeah*

If you haven't heard about this guy, he's a guy that got arrested when he had his models pose in public. Naked. Thousands of 'em. He is always in hot water with police and he probably spends more time in jail than doing his work.

Spencer Tunick calls his art as "installations." His installations are pretty much a bunch of vulnerable, uncovered, au naturel bodies of thousands of people willing to pose 'all out' for the sake of art. Or for the heck of it. Or to see other naked bodies too...

He started last 2001 at Greenwich London and he's been taking pictures almost everywhere. Not yet in Asia though, but he's almost all around the West taking pictures of naked mommas, poppas, brothers, sisters and friends. He's been getting a lot of support from willing models. He has been to New York, UK, Germany, Mexico, Venezuela, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands and Ireland.

I suggest you get a magnifying glass too. lol. here some of his selected 'installations.'

Run, grandpa, run.


okay closer...

Calling school administrators, isn't a class picture like this lovely?
Cool. Cool.

after tea time.

there's a long haired guy there, i promise.

we come in peace...

this one's my favorite. remarkable.

the naked statue on top got shy..

amazing shot.

Take a butt... i mean bow.

that's a lot of smuggled humans..

someone must be really enjoying this.

reminds me of a Steven Spielberg movie..

Looks like a flock of naked sheep.

After a tiring stroll at the mall..

It's the look on their faces that made this picture look really artistic.

wow, nice angle.

a nice idea after a boring day in the office.

i like the chaos.

flowing bodies.

taking a bow. butt cleavage.

Would you volunteer as a Spencer Tunick model? He haven't been doing his installations in Asia yet thinking that not too many participants would join him to this artistic expression but I wouldn't mind seeing artistic brown butts and asian starkness in his next photos.

Here some of my favorites:

Cool isn't it?

See the baby?

Is his work art or pornography? Seeing all these pictures do you feel embarrassed or elated? Would you pose for Spencer Tunick?

More Spencer Tunick pictures. And here also.


  1. cassidy1227 // May 7, 2009 at 9:41 PM  

    deffinately not..Weirdo...

  2. Maasha // July 21, 2009 at 5:43 AM  

    how about trying this in the Middle East...

  3. Frank // March 2, 2010 at 8:12 AM  

    Definitely. People are too uptight nowadays to relax and observe art. The human body is a beautiful sculpture crafted by god. This would not happen in the middle east. of course not. Women cant even drive there either. Try groing opium in your back yard here You cant just say "try this in the middle east" because it is a country with very very different influences. How many artists do you know of from the middle east? An artist needs to have a FREE OPEN MIND to create. The middle east would not permit that.