Most Expensive (Pathetic) Bags

Do you think this bag is silly?

This is a Louis Vuitton Tribute Patchwork Bag. I was laughing so hard when I saw this bag but I almost gagged when I saw how much it costs. It's a whopping $42,000 dollars!

This fugly (new term I learned while I was reading reviews about this bag) ridiculously looking bag designed with 15 different LV design samples is now available in Louis Vuitton Boutiques. And thank heavens they only made 24 of this bag! Four are available in the US and 20 are distributed in Asia and Europe LV boutiques.

Hold your breath, because it's on number 6th on the Most Extravagant Designer Bags Handbags List!

Okay, you can scream now.

I don't even find Louis Vuitton bags attractive and was wondering if I really don't have an eye for fashion, but this designer bag really proves that it wasn't me, it's Louis Vuitton!

Simply put, it's really ugly. Too many designs to appreciate creativeness, if there's any. But if there has been a lot of heated discussions about loving or hating this Louis Vuitton bag, check out Louis Vuitton's NEW RELEASE for 2008.

Ta-da! It's the Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel Bag! I have never expected to see anything like this!
It is totally ridiculous!

This Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel Bag is said to be handcrafted and is made of the finest Italian leather (yada yada yada) and was described as one-of-a-kind luxury(yawn).

You can only have nightmares of owning this one! But what's lunatic about this is that it is for sale for, check this out... $150,000!

This definitely belongs to the Collection of the Most Absurd. This Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel Bag is nothing but a nasty pile of trash pretending to be something like.... an elegant rubbish. Well, I guess no pretentious designs over here! It's a rubbish, period.

Unbelievably fugly, hideous and absurd. See the shrimp tails? Dirty band-aid? A plastic cap? It's all dirt glued in one sweet carry.

But here's more..

Ashley Olsen signed a multi-billion dollar contract to advertise for Louis Vuitton Urban Rubbish. And the Olsen are rumored to be in a heated argument on who gets to purchase the monstrous bag...

Fighting over one big joke. But with their current style and with the money they make, these twins could surely burn $300,000 so they could both each have this silly urban junk.

Just perfect.

What is going on? What's wrong with these people?! 24 of these have been made and all them are already reserved and paid for!

Well i just can't express how I feel about this total waste and I've compiled some brilliant comments from other people who seem to perfectly see that this is nothing but serious humiliation for mankind.


"This look like something I would find in a pile of trash in New York City with a bulimic person stuck to it"

"Actually, I think your send up of this latest bit of ridiculous cultural ephemera is one of your cleverest the fact that the art world is every bit as pretentious and vapid as the celebrity scene, I'm sure you could parlay this idea into a gallery show..."

"What the hell is wrong with people??? 150K for a bag is a house for a family. 45K a small condo...this just goes to show how truly material these people are. I bet you after a few wears it will be in the back of some girl's last season. I wander what they will come up with next. I agree I hope the proud owners are giving 2 x the amount to a needy charity."

"What's really sad is that the same dumb bitches who buy this sort of ugly crap purse can't be bothered to plunk down $9.99 at Costco for a six pack of cotton undies.
And then they have to go find some paparazzi to take pictures of their naked cooches to prove it to us."

Best comment of all..

"Civilisations rise and fall. This one will eventually,(probably not as soon as soon as the present carbon farting war monkies seem to want it to), but it will end. My main worry is that future archaeologists won't unearth a copy of "The Theory Of Relativity", Stevie Wonder's "Innervisions", or even a really good computer (Mac or P.C,no preference)...

...instead they'll find , a DVD of the "Simple Life" (series one), David Hasselhof's mummified body and this fucking bag.

They will then declare this epoch as unworthy of study, and deserving of whatever fate befell it." - Christina T.


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