There are a lot of advantages of using public train transportation to get around to your office, business or school. It's fast, affordable and people in rural or suburban areas will be able to take the train in a daily basis.

Here are the following advantages of Using Public Trains as your form of Transportation:

Cheap. You'll definitely save money by commuting daily using public trains. The cost for ticket pass or train ticket is very low compared to the costs you have to pay for gas, car maintenance, if you own and drive your own car.

Environment-Friendly. Not only will you save some money but you have your share in saving the earth by not emitting daily smog to our foggy atmosphere. You avoid providing your individual share of air pollution.

Convenient. This could be a fetching factor since you'll definitely reach your office before the clock strikes your call time. You can avoid traffic and arrive early to your school or office.

Disadvantages of Riding Public Train Transportation

Well, it's not that too many. Only this one.