Famous Odd Creatures List

The world is getting more and more strange. Everyday, bizare, odd and creepy events materialize before our eyes. Watching the world, you can either believe everything and appreciate these things with utter amazement or doubt everything and think that these things are all made-up. Either way you go, I provided a list of the strangest creatures found on the face of the earth. There are absolutely a lot of these creatures but the list that I made are those odd creatures that made the news and world wide web exposure. With all these strange creature piling up these days, it is not strange news anymore to hear about these unknown beings.

1. Mothman

Mothman sightings was first reported in 1966. According to some reports, it is one of the strangest, most terrifying mysterious creatures in America. Reports from sightings describe this creature as roughly man-shaped, grayish brown in color, between 5 feet and 7 feet tall and has a chest wider than that of man's. Various accounts similarly state that this creature did not appear to have a head and it's fiery red eyes were set on its upper chest. Famous account about the Mothman creature sightings is the Point Pleasant Mothman Sightings.

2. Loch Ness Monster
A mysterious creature believed to have been lurking in the deep waters of Loch Ness, Scotland, this unknown creature often nicknamed "Nessie" became widely known due to thousands of reported sightings and alleged photos of it.
Recently, "monster hunters" used sonar to see through the waters of Loch Ness and take pictures under water. They also used special cameras to take pictures even to Loch Ness' deepest and darker parts. Here are some underwater photos taken:

3. Chupacabra

A deadly blood-sucking creature. Chupacabras first came on the scene in the summer of 1975when several farm animals in Puerto Rico werefound dead. The stories of this creature have become something of a legend in recent years, and there is now quite an interest worldwide. Video about this creature can be viewed here.

4. Mermaid In Florida

This could be one of those creatures possibly made up and was made popular through the internet. A lot of allegations and questions surround the authenticity about this merman sightings but it got popular anyway.

5. Unknown Creature

A carcass of an unknown creature found by Russian soldiers in 2006. It appears to have an alligator/crocodile jaw and teeth structure but its whole body seems to be covered with fur. No further details are known about this creature.

6. Mythical Giant Turtle Found In Vietnam

A huge turtle was found last December 2007 at the Hoan Kiem Lake, Vietnam. Locals believe it to be the mythical golden turtle from the country's popular mythical account, "The Legend of the Turtle Lake". It weighs 400 pounds, soft-shelled and seemed to be the last of its kind.


  1. Wendy C. Allen a.k.a. EelKat // January 29, 2009 at 12:03 AM  

    In regards to the MerMan you have posted here, there is absolutely no mystery about it. It's a movie prop that was sold off eBay about 3 years ago. I remember seeing the auction listed, I wanted to bid on it, but the price had gone into the thousands. He makes these sorts of things for movies, museums, store window displays, etc. He's got a web site that shows all of the things he makes, and the pictures you have here, were copied off of his web site. He specializes in Mermaid and Faerie art. The reason the one you see here looks so real is because he uses real taxidermy/stuffed fish to make his mermaid props. It tells how he makes them (including this one) right on his web site. He has an eBay account and when he gets done with them he sells them on eBay.

    The doll maker's name is Juan Cabana and his site is http://www.thefeejeemermaid.com/index.htm he has hundreds of mermaid and faerie dolls listed, a few are for sale, but most are already sold . Sorry to have to disappoint you.

    He says he made this one by covering a real human skeleton with fish skin.

    Here is Juan Cabana's own article (and reaction) to the news that his photos had been stolen off of his website and sold to newspaper reporters: http://www.thefeejeemermaid.com/mexicomermaid.htm

  2. Myke // February 11, 2010 at 5:08 AM  

    Thanks for the info wendy!

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