For those who just love the Lost TV series, I have written a short update about the latest episode of the fourth season.

The Shape of Things to Come is really superb! Benjamin Linus shows what he's got and you'll understand him more in this episode!

Those "Lost" writers were pent up! The episode will be Ben-centric, including what is supposed to be an awesome flash forward. "The Shape of Things to Come" is the most high-octane action episode in series history, I am interested to see if we find out what happened to Rousseau and obviously, who washes ashore. I have to say I thought this was a really good episode.

A quick run-down of some of the main points. There are a ton of other questions to be answered since the last EP (like always), so hopefully these last 6 weeks will deliver!

And interestingly enough, the ample action paled next to the One Big Plot Development at the close of the show: featuring flying bullets, dead time-shifted freighter doctors, exploding Other condos, dead adopted daughters, castaway-on-castaway gunplay, and just for flavor, a coordinated smokey attack.

The history between Benjamin Linus and Charles Widmore goes back much, much further, apparently Ben can time travel and he's a badass with a club. The future certainly won't be marked anymore by Sunday barbecues on the Widmore estate.

Ben's Tunisian escapade is cut short when he discovers Sayid has lost his lady-love. We saw how and why Sayid began working for Ben. Their epic love story gets prematurely snipped when Nadia is murdered.

In the lighter mood, Ben sneaks in to Charles Widmore's London penthouse and pays his nemesis a midnight visit. Ben can summon the smoke monster to do his bidding. Apparently the island use to belong to Widmore and Ben took it away from him. He also plans to take his daughter from him in return for what was done to Alex.

You can find more spoilers about The Shape of things to come and the next episodes on the Lost TV Fans site.