So are there really anybody who got famous out of You Tube videos? It's really surprising and amazingly impressive that there are actually people who stayed locked up inside their rooms, talking in front of a small, motionless camera and getting incredibly famous.

But hey, haven't you received from your Podcasts and RSS yet? It's the "in vogue" today.

I can say I had watched over a dozen lame, annoying and time-wasting videos on You Tube, but I can honestly write on cyber-record and save on Google cache that if you really looked, I mean really looked, and clicked these free videos, they offer superb entertainment, wonderful opportunities for learning and great way to spend the day after losing your job.

I have compiled some of the best You Tube videos ever and the corresponding list of You Tube celebrities who made these videos. These are not ranked I just posted them randomly.

1. Esmee Danters
With her prety face and angelic voice, she started to get attention on You Tube by imitating some famous singers. After sometime of posting her videos on tube, she now sings with Justin Timberlake on some music video.

2. Tay Zonday (Adam Bahner)
This young fellow sings original songs and made impact to his viewers with his croaky voice. His video "Chocolate Rain" has 19 million page views. And you can now download his mp3 for free! Sounds guureat.

3. Tom Dickson
He's the man behind Blendtec. With his famous quote, "Will it blend?" he received a lot of attention because this man literally blends everything! He blends golf balls, crowbars, glow sticks, marbles, rake handles, hockey pucks and recently an iphone.

If you have any ideas or suggestion on what else to blend, give this man a holler or dig him somewhere near his house... who know's maybe he's blended his car and house. Don't breathe this!

4. Chris Crocker

Oh well, who haven't seen this guy? Or maybe the right question is, who haven't send his videos to friends yet? Err, it seems like this "Leave Britney Alone" guy, uh, I mean gay, is getting a lot of not so positive feedback (deathreats) from his fans. But feel no gloom Chris, though this is not your real're the 18th most viewed of all time on You Tube, in all categories!

This guy, I mean, gay had created a history of over 72 million page views on his "Leave Britney Alone" video. I didn't post the video - you've seen this guy., i mean gay.

5. Happy Slip
Happy Slip or Christine Gambito in real life is a Filipina with entertaining videos about her family. Only she does all her family, she spoofs her mom, dad, her cousin, aunt and herself. (Sounds a lot of work.)

Her video "Mixed Nuts" got over 4 million pageviews but "Dancing With the Stars- OhNo!" is my favorite. Check it out. Hilarious.

"Christine, Don't forget your Hap-e Slip!"

6. Judson Laipply
This comedian was the man behind the video "Evolution of Dance" - 6 minute video of this guy dancing freaky and familiar dance steps of the 80s and the 90s. Funniest 6 minutes you'll ever watch. His video got the highest number of views, that is according to my list. He already received 82 million views already! Did I just repeat already?

But do you think only humans take the centerstage on You Tube?
Check out this video. Animals are taking the scene with this video that has already garnered 7 million views.

Other famous celebrities in You Tube include Lonelygirl15, Andy Mckee and

And finally, check out this new video, it was added only last March 5 and now it has gotten 4 million hits!

Ready to get famous?