Scientists have recently discovered a “magic diet pill” that can help a person lose fat minus the exercise. Could this exercise pill be the answer?

A team of researchers and scientists stated on a press release that they have discovered a drug that provides a faster way to burn fats without the gym.

A Breakthrough Exercise Pill for Athletes?

The so-called “exercise pill” called GW1516 (not yet commercially available) was tested on laboratory mice and revealed dramatic results in just four weeks.

The said exercise pill increased treated animals’ resistance by 77 percent. And mice show no signs of fatigue from the strenuous regimen of 50 minutes of treadmill everyday.

Scientists from Salk Institute of Biological Studies stated that the drug activates a certain genetic switch called PPAR delta. When this PPAR delta hormone was activated, it can boost energy levels and improve body resistance against fatigue.

Surprisingly, activating this certain hormone to lab mice resulted more than that, it turned mice into inexhaustible runners with super-endurance (We’re talking about Super Mice here). The mice were fed with high-calorie diet and they showed no signs of gaining weight compared to untreated mice that gained weight fast and turned obese.

Diet Pills without Exercise

In the same study, untreated mice were given another drug called “AICAR.” This is what the scientists refer to as the “ultimate couch potato” test.

They fed untrained, untreated laboratory mice with AICAR and after 4 weeks of providing this drug, the mice where able to run 44 percent longer than normal mice, with no prior training.

It sorts of like fool the muscles to believe it is exercising. By chemically mimicking exercise, it reprograms the muscles causing it to burn fat and not tire easily.

AICAR: Magic Diet Pill Description

AICAR activates a protein called “adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase” or AMPK for short. When this protein is activated it produces signals to the body that it needs more energy and thus more energy boosting components are produced.

We need to exercise because this protein is only activated when the body is subjected to a muscle stretching workout.

However, this supercharging stamina booster is said to be more than that, its primary use is to cure muscular disorders and metabolic diseases.

I’ve searched the net and based on the searches per day on “diet pills” it seems like people who are desperate to lose fat are even willing to try “tapeworm diet pills” just to lose weight. Yeah, pills full of tapeworm. This is just an urban legend but the search results show that many consumers are willing to try one...

tapeworm diet pills? anyone?
(interesting number of searches per day...urgh)

Excited to try these magic pills? Don’t pop the magic beans right away, because other scientists argue that “rats are not humans.” Michael Rennie a physiologist from University of Nottingham in England says that “Rats and mice are much more metabolically unstable than human beings.”

The exercise pill and magic diet pill are not yet commercially available and still under further scrutiny and athletes on the Beijing Olympics shouldn’t get high hopes on trying the effect of these pills because scientists have already found a way to detect this drug on urine samples.

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Side comment:
Today sexy energetic rats... tomorrow... hmm..super cats? =)
But this is great news really!

Speaking of rat... I just wanna add this very cute picture... hope nobody would mind... =)



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