We’ll I have just received a very sad news about a juvenile Philippine eagle from the Philippines.

The Philippine eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi), named “Kagsabua” a male, 2 year old eagle, that has only been recently released by the Philippine Eagle Research Center Foundation, was killed after spending years of taking care of the giant bird.

Kagsabua was rescued from captivity last 2006 and was only released into the wild March this year after it was shot and wounded by game hunters in the Kitanglad Mountains, located at the southern part of the Philippines.

And on July 10, just a few months after its release, a local farmer from the Philippines has killed and eaten the rare Philippine Eagle. The farmer, a 22 year old local from the Southern part of the country thought the endangered Philippine eagle was an ordinary bird.

He shot it with an air-gun and saw the transmitter attached to its feet, frightened, he buried it in a ravine. He later changed his mind, dressed the eagle and cooked two kilograms of meat. He stated he cooked the eagle as “Tinola,” a Filipino broth.

The attack was only discovered when members from the Philippine Eagle Foundation noticed that radio tracking device of the said eagle was not moving for quite sometime. They started the search and found only the feet of the hapless eagle, with its radio tracking device still attached to it.

Wildlife officials say that the farmer is now detained and is facing 12 years of imprisonment.

“The Philippine environment secretary has called for the farmer to be punished severely to show that the authorities are serious about enforcing the wildlife protection laws,” local newspaper, Philippine Daily Inquirer noted.

“He shot and ate one of the world’s largest, tallest and rarest eagles.” Researchers and those who spent time with “Kagsabua” later on stated that it felt like the perprator, Brian Balaon, has killed their brother.

Kagsabua is just one of the remaining 250 Philippine eagle roaming the Philippine skies. It has a 2 meter wingspan, weighs 8.8 pounds and is only 2 years old and can only be found in the said country.

Aside from “Kagsabua”, “Tinuy-an,” another Philippine eagle, a female one, was also released last June. The team from the Philippine Eagle Research Center are focusing their efforts to track and observe the giant bird closely to avoid another shooting and eating of the endangered eagle.

This is just one of the many killings of endangered eagles going around the world. Last 2005, an immature eagle was killed in Pennsylvania, while 2 wedged tail eagles have been killed in Tasmania last 2007.

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  1. Spoz // July 31, 2008 at 11:27 AM  

    Oh, this is so sad :(

    It really is quite frightening that so many animals are being killed out, and I wander if many people even care or realize what will eventually happen to the world.

    Though I do pity the man if he didn't know the bird he was shooting was endangered, still he should have owned up.

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