Time travel? Time Machine? You may only heard about this on some sci-fi TV series like CSI or Dr Who but someone out there is really making serious attempts to bridge space and time with a time travel machine.

Charles Blanca presents a different and actually splendid design with his time machine model he called The Madeline Concept.

It’s a pretty fantastic wonder I should say. And it’s a real thing. The designer stated his belief that our sense of smell does have something to do with our memory. He believes that we might just go back our past simply by breathing in that certain smell that would refresh our memories. And he built this time travel machine with this idea in mind.

As I quote him, “So small and discrete molecules though so powerful when we come across them, odours are rooted in our memory and make us travel through time. Madeleine offers to help us find the smells we have lost because of the evolution of our living environment. In a convivial place, everybody will be able to experience a creative immersion in a time-travelling capsule. But more than a product, Madeleine is a community linked by olfactory experience and by the expression of their senses. Let’s wake our sense of smell up and share what inspires us…”

“Find the smell you lost.” I was caught on that one. Actually I have been fascinated with our physiological methods of perception especially with this particular sense. I’ll promise to post some other things that not everyone knows about sense of smell. I’m still gathering my notes on that still.

But this time travel model design is like something that came out of a MI movie!

Well, I guess the Earth is in dire need of a good, trusty time machine. Really. I could use a little time rambling myself. Find the smell I lost, hmm, maybe my ex's perfume? shucks.

I guess it only makes sense that we really do interact with our surroundings without us knowing it. We breath in episodes of our life, taste the sweet or bitter incidents and watch sorrow or happiness unfold. And that's all we do everyday.


  1. A. // July 11, 2008 at 12:33 AM  

    This is an amazing thing! Beautifully designed. I'd love to know more about how it is supposed to work.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. You asked about embedded comments - all you have to do is log into Blogger in draft and then go to your comment settings to switch it on. It seems to work very well. I like it.

  2. Uncle Che // July 11, 2008 at 8:34 AM  

    I am so much into science fiction, and my best part of it is time travel. I can't just keep my mind off movies like Terminator and Time Cop.

    This is however, my first time hearing about this particular concept. Just like any concept in time travel, it looks weird.

    What next?

  3. cassidy1227 // May 7, 2009 at 9:34 PM  

    The machine itself is beautiful... some smells do actually make me remember certain times in my life,"deep woods Off" insect spray reminds me of summer camp. but i just cant see how a machine itself could /can covert my smells into time travel...???... i can see how the machine could maybe create a relaxing enviornment thus creating a smell that one might relate to different times in ones life, but to actually take you there by the means of smell alone is not possible in my mind, i can better grasp the time travel theories of N.Tesla "March 1895, but not this.. any way, much Luck to you and your invention, if your looking to make money off of it, I would put one in each Mall in the U.S. and market it as the "ultimate stress reliever"/ blood pressure reducer- because the design alone looks very inviting and relaxing,(soft music) and (good smells) and throw in a light amount of oxygen,could ease alot of stress and make you lots of money, who wouldn't wanna jump into such a cool & relaxing looking machine such as this, I know i would.