Though there are a lot of reasons to consider when getting a divorce, there is one more thing that one should contemplate before actually filing for one.

Recent studies show that divorce is….err.. bad for the environment. Literally.

A research study conducted by ecologists in Michigan State University showed information on divorce that has never been considered. The published paper addressed the environmental impacts of divorce. Yep.

Divorce and the Environment

The published paper shows that the high divorce rate contribute strong negative impacts on our planet. Divorce rate in US shows that 0.74% of the entire population gets divorced every year.

And here are the straight facts:

-In 12 countries studied, divorced households are 27% to 41% smaller than married households. (Living alone after separation. Sort of)

-Houses with divorced couples have MORE rooms to spare than married households. (I did think about that.)

-Divorced households spent 46% to 56% percent more on electricity and water than married households. (Do divorced couples take a bath more often than married couple? Hmm.)

-And 42% to 61% percent of person who underwent divorce consumes more resources and produces more waste than a regular married person. (I hope they were able to check the gender of who consumes more.)

The paper continues that if divorced couples did stay together, the world could have saved approximately 73 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, 627 billion gallons of water in a year, less trash and less pollution. Wow.

These only suggest that the current lifestyle of a divorced person does not help save the environment at all. And staying married really does save money too.

Ok, so before you get those free downloadable divorce forms, or checking up online for do it yourself divorce, divorce made easy etc, try to contemplate the idea that saving your marriage could actually have a greater purpose. =)

I better tagline would be, “Save your marriage and help save the environment.” Well, this could be a better way to combat climate change right?


  1. Chat Blanc (aka Sandy) // July 9, 2008 at 5:43 PM  

    Really interesting post! I had never considered the impact of divorce in that regard. Thanks!

  2. cassidy1227 // November 3, 2009 at 12:49 AM  

    It's Cheaper to Keep her...

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